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This class asks the question:  how and why did “modern” and “contemporary” come to mean different things in the art world?  It will investigate the various ways contemporary artists, critics, and art historians have defined and then reacted against Modernism and why the Modern became a moving target attacked from all sides.  Topics include:  formalism and reactions against it, feminism and identity politics, appropriation and the demise of originality, the craft aesthetic, and a variety of different theories of the Post-Modern.  We will be looking critically at works of art and texts created after 1945 that not only question the Modern, but also foster debates about how we engage with works of art. 



  • To investigate a variety of definitions of the modern and explore their implications
  • To question the idea of a break or rupture that separates the modern from the contemporary
  • To introduce and explore a variety of methods and theoretical frameworks for art history and art criticism
  • To foster discussion and critical thinking about how theory, criticism, and artistic practice affect the way we interact with and interpret works of art



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