"From the modernism you choose you get the post-modernism you deserve."

class1 (sept. 4)

Contemporary art:  art that responds to, reacts against, and/or revises modern art.

 Modern art:  [definition depends on choosing a particular point-of-view].


  • How do we define “modern” and “contemporary” and what is their relationship to each other?
  • Why has it been necessary to distinguish between the modern and the contemporary?
  • What is a period style and is it a helpful way to think about art history?
  • Does the idea of a historical progression of styles adequately summarize art history?
  • Is it possible to write a history of the present?


class 1 powerpoint


 Note:  This reading is a nice overview of the issues we’ll be dealing with in this course so while we won’t be discussing it in detail it is very helpful as background.